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Article about IHRC Report - mercenaries fighting in Ukraine


It is the first type of such spacious article which has appeared to the public opinion, discussing the IHRC report relating to the fights against the terrorists organization, what the Ukrainian press talks about. ( http://apostrophe.com.ua/article/society/2015-02-23/myi-priehali-borotsya-protiv-nato-fashizma-i-imperializma/1290 ). All the information was recovered thanks to the shared materials and facts gathered by a team of SMM (the Special Mission Monintoringowej IHRC https://web.facebook.com/smmihrc/?ref=ts&fref=ts - which repeatedly informed about the presence, and a large number of mercenaries from the territory of Eastern and Western Europe, fighting on the side of the insurgents in the Donbas (Ukraine East).
Thus, the self-proclaimed two republics' People's Republic of Lugansk "and" People's Republic of Donetsk "come and fight in the majority Serb mercenaries. All of "Centniks Cetniks with Serbian translation free Eager are those who want to fight on the side of Separatists .They are sourced through the Organization "patronage" with headquarters in the capital of Russia – Moscow.
In addition, as part of illegal armed formations separatists at different times not only Serbs are being acquired, but also citizens of France, Spain and Germany.
Some of them have already been killed in the fighting in the ATO zone - Eastern Ukraine, or their fate is unknown.
Held by A "appeared wide report from the International Human Rights Commission - IHRC (International Human Rights Commission).
It speaks of the many mercenaries from Eastern Europe and Western Europe, who entered the ranks of the militants so-called "Donetsk People's Republic - DRL" and "People's Republic of Lugansk" – LRN
Most of the information contained here relates to events that took place in the summer and autumn of last year, that is In 2014.
IHRC report says, for example:
For the first time in the scope of control of movement of the population in the ATO zone. a citizen of the European Union was detained.
He was arrested on 19 August 2014, he proved to be a citizen of Slovakia - Miroslav Rohach .
His passport showed that he crossed the border of Ukraine July 3, 2014 at the airport in Kiev "Juliani."
As it turns out, significant "Help" for the separatists of Donbass is transferred from the territory of Serbia.
The citizens of this country, create whole units fighting on the side of the "People's Republic of Donetsk” and "People's Republic of Lugansk".
In Ukraine, in the branch of Serbian mercenaries "Centniks initially there were 46 people, but from July 22 thanks to information from IHRC, it turned out that this number has increased by over 200 new mercenaries who arrived in Serbia
- This is what the IHRC report said.
Among them there was Senior Sniper - Dejan Berici (nicknamed "Deka"), which came as a senior sniper in the ranks of the separatists.
Every day at the airport in Donetsk ,another sniper from Donetsk Airport from the side of separatists killed between 2 - 3 different innocent civilians. For as many as four days they could not arrest him. During these four days he reached the state of twelve people killed. Among them, there was only one man, the rest were women and children.
I took a sniper rifle, and figured out where I am. "I started working, I tried to determine the place from which he would fire. I have chosen the point where I was waiting for him. I was lucky to choose the place accurately. I saw him in the distance and after the first shot I got him. He couldn’t shoot anyone anymore. After all of that, I given a task “to destroy all the snipers' ....
– Dejan Berici explained in an interview to the media.
Senior Sniper "DEKA" was involved in summer operations under Marinivka in Donetsk Oblast, where he helped the terrorist group "Motorola". Thanks to his porades they managed to destroy BTR- y (Combat Transporters Mobile) using sniper rifles . In Autumn he worked for the illegal formation "Kalmius". And this year he took part in the fights at the airport in Donetsk.

Dejan Berici himself always said that he is not a mercenary, and he never had been one, and he did not take regular pay for it.

... "Somewhere month and a half ago, we received a thousand hryvnia -an officer's pay- was smaller. I do not know how much, but to us it was about $ 70 US a month. One time they gave more" ...

Thus spoke the same Berici in his November speech. His presence in Ukraine, Fighter explains; As a desire to help the Orthodox brothers and the desire to fight the criminals of NATO who bombed his country. "

.... "I'll never forget what NATO criminals did in our country," ...

added Berici.

Such motives are guided by other Serbian soldiers, Mechanized Brigade of the so-called "GHOST" - operating within the territory controlled by the "People's Republic of Lugansk".

.... "We came here to fight against NATO, Fascism and Imperialism. The population of Russia supports Serbia, but we have the power of the pro – American"

Said the 28 year-old Serb named Stiven, who came from the town of Kovin.
In November last year, we could see on the Internet a video in which a young man in camouflage clothing with a military beret presented as Ivan Ivanowicz (Nick 'Kum') announced in the Serbian language about "a new mobilization of Serbian Volunteers".
Of these , first of all planned formation of a "two squadrons". which should be kept within the "DRL" and another on "LRL". Both Squadron, after the words "Kuma" should unite in so-called "Serbian Husarski Regiment", it turns out that the history of this regiment dates back to the times of Peter the Great.
The regiment was to be equipped with armored vehicles and artillery which had promoted formation of the "Novorosyji" from Kharkov to Odessa.
According to the detailed document of the International Human Rights Commission - IHRC "Recruitment and Training Group from Serbia in counter-terrorism is carried out by the Organization PATRIOT" with the main headquarters in Moscow. Theit main "" recruiters "mercenaries is called Vasylij Zaitsev -otherwise Goran Ewticz . What comes from the Community Smederewska Lea .
It turns out that the so-called regiment "Serbian Husary" took longer participate in the battle for eg: Donetsk Airport on February 20. That's exactly what a group of "Husar" together with the militants "East" and "Hold" also participated in the operation point of attachment populated Dogs near Donetsk Airport. However, this attack was repulsed, where it turned out that the Serbian unit did not suffer any losses. They were only forced to retreat.

“The French Legion"

In the middle of the month of February, public "radio France Info" notified that;
"On both sides of the Ukrainian conflict there are fighting about 20 citizens of France"
For example, Ukrainian battalion of volunteers "Artemivsk" captured into slavery mercenary, a veteran of the French Foreign Legion, with the callsign "Berkut". This man had a full preparation and experience in the war in Iraq and he organized the Ukrainian sabotage tasks in the villages of Slavic and Artemovsk.

In addition, in mid-February to a terrorist organization, "DRL" joined four other French citizens who have been identified by the IHRC. They presented themselves as Michel Guillaume, Victor Lenfa and Nicolas
These men did not refused the interviews with journalists and willingly posed for the cameras with a gun. Yes Guillaume announced that together with his companions is an advocate of "euro-asian'ism" of which reads and writes Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin sociology.

.... We have seen revolutions in Kiev, which was supporting the West. Later we saw aggression in the Donbas and realized that the revolution emerges here, and do not in Kiev ....

Guillaume also noted that had the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of the Ukrainian army:

... They (soldiers - A ") were more and more demoralized. They do not like Russia but they do not want to fight. In results they do not remain in their fighting spirit. They are very tired and have no material security. For our moral spirit, this view was very useful "....

French mercenaries had more preparation and experience in war.
So Victor Lenfa was previously in the landing amphibious assault Corporal Third Marine Infantry Regiment.
Victor was in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast and Chad.
Nicolas was a Corporal in the branches of Mountain Infantry and passed serving in Afghanistan.
Nicolas arrived at Donbass as an instructor for the "Militia". Its capabilities Nicolas spoke very favorably:

... In contrast to the Ukrainian army, they are highly motivated "

During the summer Guillaume said that together with his companions in the Donbas they are planning to form a "Eurasian Brigade" made up of French and Serbs. He also expressed his belief in the fact that the Ukrainian army "will not survive the winter and even autumn", only "Home Guard" will become stronger. After some data, Guillaume was killed in clashes with the Ukrainian Army.

Sad loss encountered another mercenary French – instructor Jeremy Marty nickname "The Teacher". Early in the morning on January 19, in the area populated Sahanka point was liquidated in battle by the Ukrainian special guerrilla group called "Teni". With him they were liquidated still two people - probably also French.

Mercenaries from other countries

Not only Serbs and the French were going to Donbas. Thanks to information of the Commission - IHRC,
August 8th last year, border service in Lugansk Oblast, in the area populated point traverses, arrested three criminals, among them a citizen of Lithuania, nicknamed "Benia - Antimaydan" which took part in the Crimean confrontations.
After the words of one of the leaders of the illegal "DRL" and "???" not what Pavel Gubarev to Donetsk came two representatives of the Italian Organization "Millennium".
On the side of separatists are fighting also the citizens of Spain - 22 year-old member of the Spanish Communist Party Youth Wing of Angel Rivas Davila and a 27 year-old member of the Spanish political movement "Left Objednanie" Rafael Munoz Perez. In the web there is a video message from these men who are certain that the residents of Donbas are not criminals or terrorists;

... They do not want to kill the Ukrainians or attack Kiev, they only want to live in the world .....

They assured the Spaniards really do not specify what they had in mind actually. Civilians or armed fighters.
Raf and Angel you can see that they are in favor of the Spanish Republic. During his speech, he spoke always the slogan Viva la Republica, and the reef wore the armband with flowers Republican Spain. As you know, the Republic of Spanish enjoyed the support of the USSR, but was defeated by General Franco's Nationalists in the civil war 1936-1939 years.

In the ranks of militants fighting was also Monarchy from Germany, now called itself the Press, Margarita Tsaydler. Under the guise of media workers, she tried to penetrate the Ukraine together with an Australian citizen, who was in January 6th detained border guards at a checkpoint "Georgiewka" Donbas. It turned out that the Australian is linked to terrorist groups. In the middle of his belongings were found 10 pieces of 7.62 mm caliber ammunition, body armor, two knives, pass and press card issued by a gang of "DLR"

"They are not afraid of Penalties"

The International Commission on Human Rights - the International Human Rights Commission, repeatedly urged the Government of Serbia, requesting a legally correct assessment of the participation of its citizens who are fighting as mercenaries in Donbas. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksanda Vučić personally assured that his government "closely monitors the activities of its citizens who return from Syria and Iraq, as well as those who took part in the clashes in Ukraine."
Today, the citizens of Serbia who fought abroad without the authorities threatened criminal liability - for mercenaries to 5 years in prison, and for the organizers - to 12.Ponadto, according to the International Human Rights Commission, Police of Latvia with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are ready to respond in response to the activities of mercenaries on Ukrainie.Powadzi Latvian court trials for those suspected of involvement in terrorism in the south - eastern part of Ukraine.

Serbs themselves are not afraid of punishment.
"Life may end up here, and Serbia's only prison awaits us," - said mercenaries from Brigade "Ghost".

The French do not believe that there are offenders

... "I do not think that our government may in some way affect us in the legal field. We - we are not mercenaries and terrorists. Do not get paid for it. We have a fact-finding mission -" mission soft power ".... - he said, Victor Lenfa reporters.

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Article published by Apostrophe - http://apostrophe.com.ua/, who wrote : Denis Popovih

Translations into Polish

Rafal Marcin Wasik

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