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The prestigious International Image Business Magazine in Israel writes about IHRC International Human Rights Commission. There is an interview with First Deputy Secretary-General of the International Human Rights Commission H.E. Ambassador at Large Iurii M. Kiperman
IURII KIPERMAN AMBASSADOR ON THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Iurii Kiperman today is enengaged in the protection of human rights. He is the First Deputy Secretary-General of the International Commission on Human Rights ( IHRC ). Ambassador of Ukraine and Europe. The Secretary General of the IHRC Rafal Marcin Wasik and Iurii Kiperman told us about the woeks ...more

Already on sale, the new press magazine BUSINESSMAN TODAY-INSPIRED BY TOMORROW ... and interviewed me about the work and plans IHRC. WELCOME TO Empik, Rely, Inmedio in Poland and selected airports in the world....
You live by the words " what we do today, we do for generations to come"; pleashe tell us how this motto cam to be ?. Social trends led by non-government and international organizations influence the future of all sociates on a global scale. Changes occur when it comes to the solutions undertaken in the process of creating an appropriate reality - first in the way we think, then in the way we live. This, in turn, creates a..

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Secretary General IHRC
Rafal M. Wasik

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is ready to withdraw government troops in Marawi City if the Supreme Court decides there is no factual basis for his declaration of martial law in Mindanao. He stated that I will withdraw and, if anything goes wrong, mag-declare ulit ako ng martial law the second time around, Duterte, in his first public appearance in 5 days in Butuan City on Saturday. But the president explained that if violence in Mindanao and other parts of the country escalates again, he would declare martial law without consulting ...more

- The Ripple Effect Project-
Courses for Professionals in The Field of Mental Health

Our goal is to harness all the knowledge and experience we gained during many years of experience and train local professionals wherever we are needed, in order to promote mental stability, create resilient and functional society. “If I look at a mass I will never act If I look at one, I will” Mother Theresa
IPP aims to promote and improve resilience by providing various courses in Israel and abroad in these fields:
Trauma treatment

An Indian State Punjab Police Inspector Arrested in Connection With Drugs Mafia and Accused of Smuggling .The Special Task Force (STF) created by the Punjab government against drug addicts has had another major success. The Punjab Police has arrested Inspector Inderjit Singh for helping drug mafia and in collaboration with the associates on the charge of drug trafficking. On Monday morning, the residence of said police inspector located at Police line Jalandhar in Punjab (India) was raided by special task force team. During raid/search Heroines worth of billions of INR ...more

The United Nations Has Called on Thailand to Amend its Harsh Law Against Insulting The Monarchy.The United Nations human rights office voiced alarm on Tuesday at what it called ...more

Modi's Money Madness
No one quite knows which Narendra Modi will turn up to fight for reelection in 2019: The reformist technocrat pledging to create jobs or the tub-thumping populist armed with giveaways. For most of his first term, the Indian prime minister has struck a fair balance between the two, and last month he passed his third anniversary in power with a good growth record and strong poll numbers ...more

Vikrant World News Magazine
Tricity/World News. Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish of Panchkula Appointed Ambassador at Larg & Deputy Secretary General BY ADMINVIKRANT · MAY 31, 2017 Panchkula (Uma) - Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish of Panchkula have been appointed as Ambassador-at-Large & Deputy Secretary General for Asia Region by Secretary General Rafal Marcin Wasik

The Philippines Military Airstrikes into Marawi on Friday: Report “Pledging to Liberate the Besieged Southern City From Islamist Terrorists by Monday”. As Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte have declared Martial Law for 60 days in an effort to help the army to crush militants from the Isil-inspired Maute group. Clashes in Marawi, a Muslim-majority city in the restive region of Mindanao, dozens of foreign fighters from Malaysia, ..more

Dear Mr. President,
Greetings of the day from Asia Region! I have posted the following to Your Excellency because you are supporting to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte in this regard: Philippine lawmakers Ask Top Court to Nullify Martial Law Petitioners Say Declaration Based on “Contrived and/or Inaccurate Facts, Self-serving Speculations”

H.E. Krzysztof Sadecki Goodwill Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), speaks about the new US policy in the Middle East. I invite you to the article in Polish. http://inwestycje.pll

From the desk of Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish
Ambassador at Large/Dy.Secy.Gen. IHRC for Asia Region
At International Human Rights Commission
Gender Targeted Crime Study:
Domestic violence covers a wide range of gender-targeted crimes such as rape and honor killings. As many women, who make up a majority of the victims, deny they are facing domestic violence, there are not enough reliable statistics on domestic violence. Due to the lack of

From the desk of Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish
Ambassador at large/Dy.Sec.Gen IHRC Asia Region
International Human Rights Commission
Massive Order of 72 Boeing Fighter Jets Hasn't Been Hurt by Dust Up With Qatar: Reports
That a planned $21.1 billion deal to sell Boeing F-15QA multi-role fighter jets to Qatar seems to be moving forward as planned despite a diplomatic dispute in which several governments have cut ties with the country over allegations that it has supported terrorist groups. A US State Department official said that the deal has not been affected by the dispute

International Human Rights Commission (Secretariats). A Growing Number of Rohingya Women Fleeing Myanmar are Becoming Victims of Human Traffickers Who Sell Women and Girls to Rohingya Men as Brides.The slight girl in a turquoise headscarf held back tears as she recalled what happened when she fled to Malaysia from Myanmar's violence-hit Rakhine state. Just 12-years-old at the time, she was forced to wed a man she did not know, and who was more than ...more


Mission statement:
One of the most important principles of work IHRC is impartiality and independence. International Human Rights Commission painstakingly observes its aim for defending human rights not to become an instrument for political, economic or military interests. Particularly in conflict areas it attaches great value to asserting its independence from all parties involved. The nature and scope of the assistance are adjusted to the situation in the disaster zone within the framework of available possibilities. Aid measures are designed to suit the local conditions and are integrated in the economic, social and political context of a specific country or region. They are adjusted to respond to the needs and the situation of the victims, respect the dignity of the people, and protect valid laws and traditions. Aid commodities are deployed according to need and correspond to local standards. They are purchased locally so far as it is possible and useful. In its activities International Human Rights Commission is committed to the basic principles defending human rights and humanitarian aid as laid down UN and in the Code of Conduct of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and of non-governmental aid organizations in the context of emergency assistance.

Mr. Rafal Marcin Wasik


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