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Report IHRC 2012-2017_UKRAINA

The International Human Rights Commission with the participation of the First world Vice Secretary General Ambassador Yurii Kiperman, together with the Charitable Foundation of People's Deputy Alexander Shevchenko "New Ivano-Frankivsk" and the permanent donors, such as the of the Dnepropetrovsk administration Igor Kolomoyskiy, as well as the former head of the Odessa administration Igor Paliza, at the moment he is the chairman of the Volyn region, Gennadiy Bogolyubov,the president of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community, together with the channel 1 + 1, who constantly conducts reports from the scene of events that occur on the territory of the military actions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions on the part of the Russian Federation, which conducts actions against Ukraine. And together with the UN Office in Ukraine they constantly keep a cadastre for refugees in Ukraine, the program "Assistance to refugees and their children" is being successfully implemented as well as invalids of military operations and former participants who were injured and their families, is constantly provided with medical assistance since 2014 till until today, rehabilitation of combatants, their children and families, assistance is provided in medicines, nutrition, clothing (winter and summer), rest and rehabilitation from depression of combatants and their familiesy
Medical assistance is provided by the Medical Center "Headache", where Dr. Tatiana Maykova and Professor Sergey Lukashov working.All this is done on a free basis at the expense of the above donors, as an example: Former head of administration Igor Kolomoyskiy in the most difficult period of separatism and danger to the country

Dear Sir or Madam, We are honored to invite you, To the photography exhibition entitled FFFAMOUS, for which we are the honorary patrons International Human Rights Commission. The exhibition will occur: 25.10.17 - 28.11.17 at the Stalowa Gallery of Fine Arts in Warsaw
We welcome you!

On the first Saturday of October on the invitation of President International Rotary Club Kielce Mr. Mariusz Jablonski, on the occasion of the 3rd vintage, Mr. Rafal M. Wasik, Secretary General of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), and Ambassador At Large Miss Ewelina Pawlowska visited in Sandomierz. Together with the invited guests they had pleasure of visiting the ...more

As of 1 September, all five entry/exit checkpoints (EECPs) reduced operational hours by 2.5 hours. However, the number of individual crossings remains relatively unchanged. Some 1.1 million individual crossings were recorded throughout September, representing only a 9 per cent decrease compared to August 2017 - the highest number of crossings since the start of 2017. This translates that despite challenges and security risks, people have no choice rather than to cross the ‘contact line’ to ...more

Press note:
Disappointed to no one cares for the genocide
The UN warns of a humanitarian disaster in Burma. There is talk of genocide on the Muslim minority rohingya. 146,000 have moved the country. Burma / Kalmar "But the world does not care," says Nasim Malik (S) in Kalmar. You are blinded. It is unimaginable that one has not yet learned that this will have consequences for us and for security in the world.
"In today's world, it's not easy to say that this is happening 1000 miles from us and does not touch us. It makes it. It is exactly like this that starts refugee crises and causes terrorists. Nasim Malik was seventh name on the Social Democrats parliamentary list in Kalmar County

The Commission has just published a number of roadmaps concerning some of the Humanitarian Aid. To consult all the existing roadmaps please refer to the following website:**Humanitarian Aid**To consult all the existing roadmaps please refer to the following website: http://europa.eu/ For further information please consult the following link: Evaluation of the provision of emergency support within the Union - http://ec.europa.eu/

The Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission receives peace advocates
The Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission in Iraq, Dr. Sadiq Al-Moussaw received a group of recent peace advocates from the Office of the High Commissioner in his office on Monday 11 September 2017 in the presence of the director of the Baghdad office Mr. Abdul Hakim Radhi Hassoun and Director of Media Baghdad Media Office Maha Al-Marsoumi, Professor Safa Bodn, author and journalist, Professor Mahmoud Alfadli. After welcoming the attendance by the Ambassador ...more

H.E. Madame Aung San Suu Kyi

Honorable President of Burma . Dear Madame we appeal to You, please stop the violence against the Rohingyas. In order to bring peace to your country we demand an end to the violence and killings that have been taking place for years against the Rohingya Muslim minority. The world has witnessed the brutality of the great crimes committed by Buddhism against the Muslim minority of the Rohingyas, which are classified as crimes of genocide punishable by international law. We appeal to you to stop the violence against the Rohingyas and to grant them national citizenship, let them be citizens who feel patriotic. It is our duty today to act to protect humanity.. ...more

- The Ripple Effect Project-
Courses for Professionals in The Field of Mental Health

Our goal is to harness all the knowledge and experience we gained during many years of experience and train local professionals wherever we are needed, in order to promote mental stability, create resilient and functional society. “If I look at a mass I will never act If I look at one, I will” Mother Theresa ..more

The prestigious International Image Business Magazine in Israel writes about IHRC International Human Rights Commission. There is an interview with First Deputy Secretary-General of the International Human Rights Commission H.E. Ambassador at Large Iurii M. Kiperman
IURII KIPERMAN AMBASSADOR ON THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Iurii Kiperman today is enengaged in the protection of human rights. He is the First Deputy Secretary-General of the International Commission on Human Rights ( IHRC ). Ambassador of Ukraine and Europe. The Secretary General of the IHRC Rafal Marcin Wasik and Iurii Kiperman told us about the woeks ...more

Already on sale, the new press magazine BUSINESSMAN TODAY-INSPIRED BY TOMORROW ... and interviewed me about the work and plans IHRC. WELCOME TO Empik, Rely, Inmedio in Poland and selected airports in the world....
You live by the words " what we do today, we do for generations to come"; pleashe tell us how this motto cam to be ?. Social trends led by non-government and international organizations influence the future of all sociates on a global scale. Changes occur when it comes to the solutions undertaken in the process of creating an appropriate reality - first in the way we think, then in the way we live. This, in turn, creates a..

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International Human Rights Commission
Lets as grow, give the particle away.
...Because what we today, we do for Generations...
We sencerely thank You for your donation

Secretary General IHRC
H.E. Rafal Marcin Wasik


Mission statement:
One of the most important principles of work IHRC is impartiality and independence. International Human Rights Commission painstakingly observes its aim for defending human rights not to become an instrument for political, economic or military interests. Particularly in conflict areas it attaches great value to asserting its independence from all parties involved. The nature and scope of the assistance are adjusted to the situation in the disaster zone within the framework of available possibilities. Aid measures are designed to suit the local conditions and are integrated in the economic, social and political context of a specific country or region. They are adjusted to respond to the needs and the situation of the victims, respect the dignity of the people, and protect valid laws and traditions. Aid commodities are deployed according to need and correspond to local standards. They are purchased locally so far as it is possible and useful. In its activities International Human Rights Commission is committed to the basic principles defending human rights and humanitarian aid as laid down UN and in the Code of Conduct of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and of non-governmental aid organizations in the context of emergency assistance.

Mr. Rafal Marcin Wasik


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